Joy to the World Christmas Mass
      WGRZ 1 AM, 5AM, 11AM


     Call: 716-847-8393 or email to:
     Dennis Mahaney

     10th Hospitality Workshop
        10AM - Noon at Blessed Sacrament Church
        1029 Delaware Ave. Bflo. 14209
        - Park behind rectory or in front of church
        and use Gazebo entrance at rear of church.
        Register by January 9th.  No cost.

     17th Welcome Catholics Living with Divorce
        10AM - Noon at Infant of Prague in school hall
        921 Cleveland Dr., 14225 with Barb Wyse
        and Veronica Cavan. Come to hear solid
        answers to tough questions.
        Register by January 15th.  No cost.

      24th Secrets to Engaging Returning Catholics
        10AM - Noon at Christ the King Seminary
        711 Knox Rd. East Aurora, NY 14052
        Register by January 20th.  Cost: $10.

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Many of us know of family and friends who have drifted away from the Church.  The great majority of those who leave do not leave because of a disagreement over church teaching.  The initial separation is most often caused simply by the busyness of life.  And many do want to return, but they feel embarrassed, and wonder if they were really ever missed.  In fact, the reason most often reported by those who choose to return is simply, “I was asked”.  Who do you know that has simply drifted away?  Who might be waiting to hear that invitation from you?

This Christmas Season we will have an opportunity to let the hope of Christmas shine bright.  Each parish will be equipped to welcome Catholics who come home.  The Office for Evangelization and Parish Life, will organize our preparations.  And these preparations will start with a workshop led by Sr. Louise Alff OSF, entitled “When They Come Back, What Makes Them Stay”, which will be held on October 24-25 at Christ the King Seminary.

Please review the materials below and join us in praying for the success of this campaign to welcome Catholics home whenever they return.

Campaign Timeline

Best Parish Practices

Parish Planning Guide

Prayer Card

Good Worship Starts with Good Welcome

Best Ways to Welcome

Guest Survey

What Newcomers See When They Come to Your Church

Hospitality - A Quick Course with Fr. Eduardo Montemayor

Support for Catholics Living with Divorce

Always Our Children - to Parents of Homosexual Children
        with Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers

Church Teaching regarding Divorce

Resources for Faithful Parenting

Challenges and Marriage Difficulties


Now Anyone Can Evangelize Online

So why don’t more Catholics evangelize?  That’s easy – fear.  Most of us are afraid of rejection or we fear being asked a question for which we lack a good answer.  But now we can learn to evangelize online with little or no intimidation.  In one way, evangelization has never been easier.  The internet is the perfect place to gain courage for one's convictions.

So, what good news motivates you?  Let’s recall that the word “evangelization” simply means “sharing really good news”.  Good news makes us grateful.  Think about it.  When we come across a great doctor, a good book, a thrilling movie or delicious food, we are happy to share our good fortune with others.  And many already do so through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.  It is the same with evangelization.  Has God ever done anything for you?  How do you cope with difficulty?  What gives you hope or brings you joy?  When were you most grateful for the guidance of the Spirit in your life?  Were you ever glad to be Catholic?  If you can answer any of these questions, you are ready to share your own version of the Good News online.  Read more...


Refer Friends to the Faith!


it might be as easy as: 1. Send one of these links to them, 2. Wait a week or so.  3. Ask them about their visit to the website.  4. Invite them to join you for a cup of coffee to discuss it or to accompany you to a church event.

Catholics Come Home offers personalized doorways for anyone interested in the Catholic Church.  It is filled with energetic videos and action links.

Rediscover provides vibrant and powerful messages for all spiritual seekers on meaning, belonging, strength and peace. And it is filled with a host of other topics and resources as well.


What Else Can Catholics Do?

Grow in faith, give witness to faith, share faith and be transformed in faith...

Explore the Spiritual Riches of Lent

Bless the Home 

Bendiciòn de Hogar

Pray the Daily Readings

Pray as You Go (Podcast)

View a Daily Video Reflection

Pray the Morning Office (video)

Digest Church Teaching in Daily Doses

Follow the Blog of Bishop Richard J. Malone

Listen to Lighthouse Catholic Media Messages

What Else Can a Parish Do?

Parish Bucket List

Bless the Bicycles

Easter - an Ancient Opportunity for a New Evangelization

Connect, Welcome and Engage Catholics

Pray with the Parish - A Homegrown Lenten Prayer Book (Sample)

DIY Lenten Prayer Book (Instructions) contact us for an editable version

Support Vibrant Faith at Home

Equip Catholic and Confident

Host a God Awaits Us... in Our Stories Parish Retreat

Conduct a Parish Vitality Assessment

Open Doors, Minds, and Hearts for People with Disabilities

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